Advertising for Airports – The Benefits of Using Water Bottles With a Personalized Logo

Water Bottles with Logo Airports

Going to the airport can be a long and tiring experience that eventually has people reaching for one thing – water. If you are looking to promote an airport, why not take advantage of this near-necessity for airport travelers and use bottled water to market your brand? By placing your logo on water bottles, you can advertise your airport in a way that is exceptionally:


Passing out customized bottled water with your logo on it is essentially like using a mobile billboard. For approximately 8-12 minutes (the length of the time it takes the average person to drink a water bottle) your customer will have the opportunity to become familiar with your brand while being grateful for the cool refreshment. This is significantly more branding exposure than other marketing tools like radio and TV ads, which typically last between 30-60 seconds.


Ordering water bottles with your logo on them doesn’t require complex marketing meetings. Many companies will simply need you to choose the label design and bottle size you prefer, and they will take care of the rest. After you’ve received your bottles, all you have to do is hand them out however you see fit – it’s easy!


Customized bottled water is ordered in bulk, and often costs less per bottle than it would out of a vending machine, making it far more affordable than other advertising mediums, such as billboards, radio, and TV ads.

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