Water Bottles with a Logo: Deceptively Simple Promotional Products

Water Bottles with LogoCould the answer to your promotional needs be as easy as purchasing water bottles with your logo? Giving water bottles to guests, clients, customers, event attendees, and others might not be your first choice for spreading the word about your business, organization, or event, but it does have several perks over other promotional products.


Promotional products aren’t always the cheapest things around — just ask anyone who has ever invested in T-shirts to give out at events. Plastic bottles of water, however, can be purchased for mere pennies apiece. Some companies will even include customized labels on these bottles for a modest fee. That makes water bottles one of the most economical choices for your next promotion.

Universal Appeal

Not only can water bottles with a logo be purchased fairly cheaply, but they are also designed with everyone in mind. People of all ages and walks of life will use them with gusto. You won’t be stuck at your trade show booth wondering if interested parties are really going to take that stress ball home or throw it immediately in the trash. Bottles of water are almost always appreciated and used by recipients, giving them more exposure to your brand in the process. What’s more, while they’re drinking from your bottles or just carrying them around, people near them will also see your logo!


While many promotional products afford you the opportunity to place your logo on them, customized water bottles provide you with more possibilities than some other options. All you need to do is locate a bottle water supplier – like Piedmont Springs – who can completely personalize your bottles’ labels to suit your business or organization. Own a lawn care company? You might consider using turf for your label’s background. Plan to hand out water bottles at your car dealership? It might be smart to include your location and web address right on the label. The choice is up to you.

To learn more about customized bottled water, contact Piedmont Springs today.

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