Customized Water Bottles: The Perfect Promotional Product for Tradeshows, Conventions & Similar Events

Customized Water BottlesIf you’ve been to a tradeshow, you’ve probably seen the many promotional items that companies hand out to attendees to spread the word about their company’s products and services. If you’re trying to decide which product to give away at your booth, you should consider customized water bottles. They make excellent promotional items simply because nothing beats a refreshing drink of water when you’ve worked up a thirst at a tradeshow, but their benefits run deeper than that.

Ditch the Business Cards

Business cards and other pedestrian promotional items might allow you to add your company or organization’s logo, address, and other basic information to them, but how can you ensure that your audience will ever read them, much less keep them? You need time for people to familiarize themselves with your brand, and customized water bottles are the perfect way to establish just such an interaction. Most recipients of a free bottle of water will gladly drink it, and every time they raise the bottle to their lips, you’ll have the chance to catch their eyes with your custom label. Your label can include all the practical information that you’d place on a business card, as well as vibrant graphics that can draw in the person drinking the water, as well as anyone else who sees it.

What Should You Look for in Customized Water Bottles?

When you seek out customized water bottles, use common sense to help you get the most bang for your buck. Because you need the bottles to hold up during transport, seek water bottles that are made of sturdy plastic that won’t dent easily. Also, be sure to purchase bottles that have laminated labels. That way, if a recipient wants to refill and reuse the bottle, your label will still be intact, giving even more exposure to your brand. In addition to finding strong products, check that your bottles will be visually appealing by choosing a company that will help you develop an attractive label design and professionally print the finished product. You may also want to consider suppliers that give you the option of several different sizes of bottles because sometimes the standard 16.9-ounce bottle isn’t the ideal fit for your needs. For example, 8-ounce bottles are easier to transport, both in bulk and individually, but larger 20-ounce bottles will take longer to drink, giving your brand longer exposure.

If you’re ready to make customized water bottles a part of your next trade show or convention, contact Piedmont Springs today. Not only can we provide you with bottles that meet all the aforementioned criteria, but we boast some of the fastest delivery times in the business. On average, it takes only two weeks after you approve your label design for the bottles to arrive at your door.

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