Why Custom Bottled Water is an Ideal Investment for Auto Dealerships

Custom Bottled WaterCustom bottled water and car dealerships are a match made in heaven. Simply put, buying a vehicle can be a long process for both the sales staff and the customer, and it can sometimes even be stressful. In scenarios like this, there’s a need to keep the customer feeling as comfortable as possible from the time he or she walks in the door until he or she drives of the lot – hopefully, in a new car. Perhaps your dealership already strives toward this goal through outstanding customer interaction, by providing cozy chairs where families can talk through their decisions, or with any number of other methods. Adding a customized bottle of water to the equation is just one more way to make your customers feel more relaxed throughout their visits.

What “Custom Labeled Bottled Water” Means

A thirsty customer will likely appreciate a bottle of water no matter what the label says, but why give people water that only advertises some bottling company, when you could instead promote your dealership? Bottled water that has a customized label with your logo, company name, and contact information can reinforce your brand with anyone to whom you provide it. Plus, a water bottle can serve as a useful business card of sorts, because virtually anyone will drink a free bottle of water he or she receives, giving you the opportunity for repeated, positive exposure to your brand.

Taking the Next Step

If you like the idea of giving out custom bottled water at your dealership, turn to Piedmont Springs for help. We offer several sizes of durable bottles that are filled with pure, refreshing water and adorned with completely customized labels – the perfect product for any auto dealership.

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