Customized Bottled Water: Giving Companies Outstanding Promotional Opportunities at Presentations

Bottled Water CompaniesSomething as simple as bottled water can give companies an edge during sales presentations and other corporate events. Handing potential clients and other guests a water bottle is an easy way to greet them and make them feel more comfortable – a universal aim for executives. To solidify this connection and ensure that they make the most professional impression as possible, organizations can choose to customize their bottled water with a well-designed label that features the company’s logo, name, and any other basic information that might be included on a business card.

Such customized bottles of water serve a number of purposes during corporate meetings. First of all, they assist in making an outstanding first impression upon visitors, particularly if they are provided at each seat before the event begins. They also show thoughtfulness for guests, who will likely appreciate some cool water after travelling to the meeting. Plus, potential clients and other visitors often work up a thirst as they’re working out deals, so a few strategically placed custom water bottles can keep a meeting running smoothly.

Even if guests don’t drink the bottled water that companies provide at the meetings themselves, the water bottles can still be useful because they give visitors a branded, memorable item. In fact, if the bottles are made of durable plastic, recipients might even wish to refill and reuse them, thereby increasing the exposure to their brand.

If your organization is one of the many companies seeking bottled water to provide to guests, contact Piedmont Springs today. We can provide you with refreshing water packaged in thick plastic bottles that have fully customized, professionally printed labels.

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