Ordering Customized Water Bottles for Your Virginia Restaurant

Customized Water Bottles VirginiaWhen you decide to order customized water bottles to further your Virginia restaurant’s brand among your customers, you need to consider every aspect of your bottles while selecting a supplier.

Proper Labels

Central to customized water bottles are their carefully designed labels. These labels help convey your message to your customers and further establish your brand among the people using your water bottles. To ensure that your labels live up to expectations, ask your Virginia bottled water company about their label design and printing processes. Will you be working with professional designers to develop the perfect label layout? Will your labels be printed in full, vibrant color? And will your labels be laminated to provide them with extra strength?

High-Quality Bottles

You might not be too concerned about the durability of your customized water bottles – after all, these bottles are intended to be disposable. However, it is still important to ask your water bottle company how strong their bottles are. Using thicker plastic in a bottle helps ensure that it will not be dented or dinged during transit, reducing the odds that your carefully designed labels will be damaged when the bottles arrive in your customers’ hands.

Quick Turnaround Times

When you’re ordering customized water bottles for your Virginia restaurant, one of the most vital factors to consider is the speed with which the bottles are delivered. Ask your company of choice how quickly they can design your label and send out your first shipment; you should also find out how long subsequent shipments will take because you’ll likely need to restock your restaurant with more promotional water bottles sometime down the line.

For beautiful labels, durable bottles, and fast delivery times, you can turn to Piedmont Springs. We’re proud to deliver to clients throughout the nation, including in Virginia.]

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