Utilizing Custom Water Bottles for Your Upcoming Fundraiser

Custom Water BottlesCustom water bottles have become a standard promotional product for businesses seeking to expand their brand awareness, but did you know that they are also useful for youth sports teams and community groups? If you need to raise some money for your organization, keep reading for some interesting ideas.

Does Your Child’s Team Need Funds to Travel?

Helping your kid’s sports team raise funds for travelling to away games and other activities is as much a part of being a team mom or dad as driving to practice or washing uniforms. Whether you’re trying to support the neighborhood baseball team or you’re helping sponsor a trip to a cheerleading competition, finding an effective fundraiser can seem difficult. Instead of going the traditional car wash route or hawking candy bars, why not simply sell custom water bottles? When bought in bulk, plastic water bottles are relatively inexpensive and can be sold with a wide profit margin. Plus, bottled water is universally useful, giving your team ample opportunities to raise funds through game concessions and other team events. What’s more, with customized labels, these bottles can even help spread the word about your team.

Where Can You Get the Custom Water Bottles You Need?

If you think water bottles would make a useful addition to your fundraising efforts, there’s no better supplier to trust than Piedmont Springs. Not only do we offer sturdy bottles filled with refreshing water, but we also provide expert label design services – all at competitive prices. And, our delivery times are some of the fastest in the business, so your team can start raising funds right away.

If you’d like to use custom water bottles to raise money for your cause while also raising awareness about your organization, contact Piedmont Springs today. When you’re looking for beautiful, useful, and cheap water bottles, we’re here to help. Our associates can answer your questions, explain our label design process, and help you place your bottled water order.

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