Buying Water Bottles in Bulk for Fundraising Uses

Water Bottles in BulkFor years, schools, local sports teams, and charities have been buying water bottles in bulk and reselling them as a way to raise money for their cause of choice. But simply purchasing brand name bottled water from a warehouse store may not be the best choice for your particular needs. Maybe you want to sell bottles that have customized labels that prominently display your organization’s name and logo. People who purchase your water can then support your cause through the actual financial transaction as well as through promoting your organization everywhere that they take the bottle.

Even if you aren’t in charge of fundraising efforts for the local team, school, or charity, you can still help these organizations with customized water bottles. Donated bulk water bottles can also be resold at concession stands to raise funds, and offering bottles emblazoned with your company’s label can serve to not only support your cause of choice but to also spread the word about your business. It’s truly a win-win solution!

In fact, these bottles don’t even need to be sold to benefit an organization. When you buy plastic water bottles wholesale, you might simply choose to donate custom-labeled water bottles to the kids playing on the local team, the participants and spectators at a marathon, or volunteers at any type of charity event. In any case, you’ll be able provide people with refreshing bottled water while conveying your organization’s message in a positive and memorable way.

If you’re considering purchasing custom-labeled water bottles in bulk for fundraising purposes or other charitable aims, contact Piedmont Springs today. We are one of the nation’s leading promotional bottled water suppliers, with outstanding design capabilities, competitive pricing, and some of the shortest turnaround times in the industry.

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