Buying Water Bottles in Bulk for Your Florida Organization? Here’s How to Choose the Perfect Size

Water Bottles in BulkYou have many options to consider when you purchase water bottles in bulk for your Florida business or other organization, including if you want to customize the label, and what type of water you prefer. You’ll also get to choose what size bottle is best for your event.

When to Opt for Larger Bottles

Sometimes, larger water bottles are simply the way to go. Many companies offer half-liter (16.9-ounce) and 20-ounce sizes that are perfectly suited to scenarios in which you want to be certain that your recipients have plenty to drink. For example, you might be handing out promotional water bottles at a local marathon or other sporting event, where both the spectators and participants will likely work up a thirst. You may also choose to offer these larger bottles for sale at your restaurant or kiosk, giving your customers adequate drinks to complement their meals.

When to Consider Smaller Bottles

Bigger might not be better when it comes to ordering water bottles in bulk. In many cases, a smaller bottle won’t just suffice – it will actually be a welcome alternative to the larger, heavier bottles. An 8-ounce bottle is the perfect size for companies seeking to promote themselves at seminars, trade shows, and the like. While larger custom labeled bottles do lead to people taking longer to drink the water, and, therefore, having longer exposure to your brand, they take coordination to move and store. If you’re dealing with limited storage, you can effectively double the number of bottles that you can keep on hand by simply downsizing the bottles.

If you’d like advice on choosing a bottle size appropriate to your intended usage, contact Piedmont Springs today. We have been a leading supplier of water bottles in bulk for Florida businesses and other organizations for years, and we hope you’ll be our next customer.

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