Using Promotional Water Bottles to Publicize Your Organization at Sporting Events

Promotional Water BottlesAt a sporting event, promotional water bottles are an obvious vehicle for building up an organization’s brand. Virtually everyone at these events is going to get thirsty, whether they are participants, spectators, organizers, or clean-up crew. That means that a simple bottle of water can not only provide a welcome respite from dehydration, but it can also expose an appreciative audience to your organization’s brand and message in a positive light.

Take It Out to the Tailgate

Although water might not be the beverage most commonly associated with game day festivities, many people will appreciate the chance to quench their thirst before the match starts. If your company is planning pregame promotional activities, be it getting people to sign up for your email list or simply spreading the word about the new product that you’re introducing, nothing grabs people’s attention quite like the promise of free stuff – particularly if it’s immediately useful to them. Handing out promotional water bottles not only gets your information in their hands right away, but it can give you the opportunity to tell your audience more about your brand.

Concession Stands to Build Your Brand

Don’t forget that there are other opportunities to promote your company beyond the arena of professional sporting events. In addition to the multitude of amateur events such as marathons and golf tournaments that the country sees every year, there are also high school sports games and meets that you can help support through promotional water bottles. Consider donating water bottles with your organization’s name on the label to the local team or event organizer, so it can offer them for sale at concession stands. You’ll boost your brand recognition and raise your local profile, while helping the team raise a bit of cash.

No matter what kind of sporting event you’d like to promote your organization at, you can count on Piedmont Springs to provide you with durable promotional water bottles, complete with vivid labels customized to your specifications.

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