Promotional Water Bottles Provide Relief from Arkansas Summers

Promotional Water BottlesMany Arkansas organizations use promotional water bottles to spread the word about their business, introduce people to their organization, or raise awareness about an event. This is never more appropriate than when you are trying to reach your audience at an outdoor event in the summer. After all, a cool bottle of water is bound to be a hit with people sweltering in the heat and humidity. With such a receptive audience, recipients are much more likely to take note of your bottles’ customized label and to have a positive association with your brand. Here are some of the many places that you can benefits from passing out your promotional water bottles.

Music Festivals

Whether they’re feeling the rhythm at a blue festival or rocking to their favorite rock band, Arkansas music festival attendees need to stay hydrated to best enjoy the tunes. Of course, there will likely be other beverages on tap, but few people at an outdoor venue will turn down a free bottle of cold water. Setting up a small kiosk with a cooler full of your promotional water bottles make spreading the word about your organization a breeze.

Picnics & Other Outdoor Gatherings

Maybe you’re planning a company picnic, operating a promotional booth at a local tailgate, or visiting another type of outdoor gathering. No matter what kind of event you have planned, be sure to bring along some customized water bottles to give to event participants. Everyone will appreciate some refreshing water, and when the bottles are emblazoned with your company’s logo and information, you can make a professional impression on your attendees while helping to keep their thirst at bay.

If you’re ready to order promotional water bottles for your next Arkansas event, contact Piedmont Springs today. With our refreshing water, fully customized labels, competitive pricing, and fast turnaround times, it’s tough to find a better bottled water provider.

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