Private Label Water Bottles: The Ideal Addition for Food Service Establishments

Private Label Water BottlesIf you’re involved in the food service industry, you may want to add private label water bottles to your establishment’s menu. You’ve likely run into health-conscious customers who forgo the other beverages that you offer in favor for some water, often in bottled form. Instead of reaching for bottles that feature labels with the logos of the water bottling companies, why not feature your own organization’s imagery?

Reinforce Your Brand

Just imagine handing your customers a cool bottle of water wrapped in a completely customized label. You might want to include your restaurant’s logo, your contact information, some information about your company, and maybe some appetizing images to complete the package. When you leave the creation of these labels in the hands of capable designers, they can produce eye-catching results that can help reinforce your brand right at the table or as the customer takes their order home.

What to Look for

If these private label bottles sound like a good idea to you, it’s essential that you find a supplier who can deliver a product that positively reflects your business. That means that in addition to locating a company with professional label designers, you also need one that prints and laminates these labels. As for the bottled water itself, your provider of choice should supply you with crisp water in durable bottles that can withstand delivery, so you can be certain that your customers always receive a bottle that looks its best.

Contact Piedmont Springs today for private label water bottles that meet all of these requirements and more. You’ll also experience the difference that our top-notch customer service can make and learn more about our speedy turnaround times.

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