Finding a Private Label Water Supplier that can Meet Your Needs

Private Label WaterIf you’re planning to purchase private label water to promote your business, organization, or event, choosing your provider doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Simply be sure to ask some important questions when making your inquiries to different companies, and then compare their answers to make your decision as easy as possible.

Are They Adaptable?

Start by asking potential private label water providers if they are capable of adapting to your particular needs. For example, you may have your mind set on offering customers, clients, or visitors bottles of a particular size, and you’ll want to be sure that your company of choice offers them in that size. Additionally, before you begin to call suppliers, be sure to have a rough estimate of how much water you’ll need, as measured in cases of bottles. Virtually every company will have a minimum order requirement that you must meet before they will begin printing customized labels and applying them to bottled water. In some cases, this number is as high as a pallet of water bottles, which may not be a problem if you’re buying for a restaurant chain, but it may pose a problem for a smaller organization or scaled-down event.

Are Their Products Well-Made?

You’ll also want to be sure that your private label water provider of choice will offer you a high-quality product. The water bottles themselves should be thick enough to withstand the impacts that they will be subjected to during shipping. Additionally, the labels attached to the bottles should be either made of plastic or laminated in order to prevent them from disintegrating in water. This precaution will keep your bottles and labels in tip-top shape, even if they are submerged in ice to cool them down. An excellent label will also sport a design that reflects your needs, with your logo, information, and artwork of choice. To that end, ask potential providers how their design process works, including how long it should take to receive a draft of a label design.

How Fast Can They Deliver Your Water?

The final consideration is how long it will take your finished private label water to arrive on your doorstep. Most companies will take several weeks to get your water to you, but there are a few that have faster turnaround times for those who need their water more rapidly.

In many cases, all of these needs can be easily met by Piedmont Springs, one of the premier private label water providers in the United States. Contact us today to ask us about our bottled water, our label design process, and more.

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