Putting Your Wholesale Plastic Water Bottles to Good Use

Plastic Water Bottles WholesaleIf you’re buying plastic water bottles wholesale, odds are that you’re looking for a promotional product to give to potential clients, current customers, or guests. In these cases, it’s obvious that you’ll want your customized bottle labels to be well designed, but have you considered trying to make your bottles more readily reusable? Often, people receive a water bottle and decide to refill it, a move that would give your audience more exposure to your brand.

Durable Bottles

To encourage your water bottle recipients to reuse their customized water bottles, be certain that you purchase strong bottles that are made of thick plastic. Such materials will better withstand transit and usage without becoming dinged, dented, and otherwise damaged. By ensuring your bottles look their best and will withstand wear and tear, you can be confident that your audience will be more likely to reuse the bottle and not throw it away because it has become worn.

Laminated Labels

You should also think about the label that you’re applying to the bottles. Your want to be certain that your labels look attractive at the time it reaches the recipients’ hands and during subsequent uses. In order to ensure that your label doesn’t fall apart when it’s submerged in ice, consider the advantages to investing in a laminated option. With this plastic barrier, these labels can withstand repeated bottle usage without falling apart.

Wider Mouths

Many plastic water bottles now have narrow mouths that can make it tough to refill them, thereby reducing the odds that the person drinking from it will reuse it. That’s why you should seek out bottles with wider mouths. They are easier to sip from and easier to fill back up.

When you want to buy wholesale plastic water bottles that meet all of these requirements, contact Piedmont Springs today. We can provide you with high-quality water bottles in bulk that have fully customized labels, and we can deliver them to your door more quickly than you may think possible.

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