Using Personalized Water Bottles for Bakeries

Personalized Water Bottles for BakeriesUtilizing personalized water bottles can be an incredibly effective way to promote bakeries. They essentially act as moving billboards, with your company name and logo printed on them for all who drink from the bottles to see. They can be given out to customers as a way to wash down their delicious baked goods – and are a far more affordable marketing tool than other advertising platforms, such as billboards, TV, and radio ads. If you are considering investing in customized bottled water in order to create more brand awareness for your bakery, you’ll want to partner with a company that has the dedication and attention-to-detail to craft a quality product. That means taking care to ensure each component of their products conveys quality, including the:

  • Bottles – The last thing you want is to put your company name on bottles that crinkle and bend a few sips after customers drink from it. Be sure to partner with a company that offers bottles that are made out of thicker plastic than traditional water bottles for increased durability.
  • Labels – Since the labels are displaying your company logo and message to clients, you’ll want them to be eye-catching and bold. Make sure the company you choose is adept at creating unique designs and has a wide variety of colors and styles you can use for your label.
  • Water – The safety of your customers should be your first priority. Make sure that you will be using water that is rigorously tested and sourced from pure, protected sources.

Personalized Water Bottles from Piedmont Springs

At Piedmont Springs, we are passionate about using personalized water bottles to promote bakeries and companies in a wide variety of industries.  We use heavier plastic to produce exceptionally durable bottles, and we even laminate our unique and stylish labels so that they won’t peel, fade, or disintegrate, even when submerged in ice. We also offer your choice between purified or spring water, as well as a range of bottle sizes to accommodate your needs and budget.

Contact Piedmont Springs today to learn more about why our personalized water bottles are an excellent tool to promote bakeries, and virtually any other kind of business. We would be happy to provide more information and answer any questions you may have.


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