Water Bottles with Your Custom Logo on Them

Logo Water BottlesAs a business owner, you’re probably aware of all of the advertising mediums available to you. Print, TV, and radio ads are just a few of the options you have, however, they can be expensive, and typically provide only a few seconds of brand exposure. What if there were a way to advertise your business that is more cost-effective than those aforementioned advertising vehicles? Water bottles with your custom logo on them may be the solution. There are several reasons why this is a smart marketing tool for your business, including that it is:


There is no beverage in the world that outsells bottled water, which makes it a smart tool to use to advertise your business. You can hand it out to people of all ages, in all environments, including in doctors’ offices, automobile shops, law offices, trade shows, and many more.


Whereas TV and radio ads typically only last between 30-60 seconds, it takes the average person 8-12 minutes to drink an entire water bottle, which is plenty of time for your potential customers to become familiar with your brand.

Piedmont Springs Makes it Easy

If you’re looking for water bottles with your custom logo on them, the company to turn to is Piedmont Springs. Since 1984, we have been providing business owners with our custom water bottles that are made of thick, durable plastic and adorned with creative, bright, and eye-catching labels that will convey your business in the most professional way. Plus, we have some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, and can get your bottles to you within two to three weeks, so you can start increasing your brand exposure sooner than you think.

Contact Piedmont Springs today to learn more about ordering water bottles with your logo on them. WE are proud to serve businesses throughout the United States.

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