How to Design Your Own Water Bottle Label

Design Your Own Water BottleIf you own your own business and would like to promote it using custom labeled bottled water, you are making a wise decision. After all, it takes the average person 8-12 minutes to drink an entire bottle of water, which is invaluable time you could be using to get your company name and logo in front of your potential customers. However, once you get your custom labeled bottled water in the hands of your customers, it is important that your label sustains their attention in a tasteful way. That is why when you’re designing your own water bottle, you should make sure to:

  • Use colors in a planned way, invoking the feeling of your brand with certain shades, such as red to convey passion and energy, and blue to convey intelligence and togetherness
  • Pick your font carefully, for instance, choosing a handwritten typeface to project that your brand is targeted toward children
  • Keep it simple, as it will be far easier for people to remember an image that isn’t too ‘overdrawn’ or complex

Above all, in order to create a powerful design for your water bottles, you should know your brand inside out. The logo should be unique, simple, and able to convey your brand message clearly, while the use of fonts and colors should project your brand’s personality.

Turn to Piedmont Springs

If you want to create the perfect custom water bottles for your business, turn to the trusted experts since 1984: Piedmont Springs. We will work closely with you to design your water bottle label and ensure it conveys your brand in a positive light, looks incredibly professional, and meets your exact specifications. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable professionals today for more information.



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