Using Customized Water to Promote Concert Venues

Customized Water Concert VenuesAre you looking for a way to market your concert venue that doesn’t involve takeaways that people often lose right away, such as keychains and flyers? If so, you may want to consider customized bottled water. This marketing tool involves having your company name and logo printed onto a label that is placed on bottled water and handed out to your customers. It is a smart marketing tool for several important reasons:

  • Water is a necessity for everyone, making it an incredibly versatile and convenient tool to promote brand awareness to customers of all ages, in all environments.
  • Customized bottled water is bought in bulk, often costing less per bottle than it does out of a vending machine, making it a very cost-effective marketing vehicle.
  • It takes the average person 8-12 minutes to drink an entire water bottle, which is far more brand exposure than other advertising tools, such as TV and radio ads that typically last between 30-60 seconds.

Furthermore, people get particularly parched at concert venues. Using customized bottled water will not only ensure your customers see your company name with every sip, but it will also make certain they are staying hydrated and healthful in your establishment.

Let Piedmont Springs Help

At Piedmont Springs, we have spent decades helping business owners market their brands with customized water bottles, and we’ll be excited to do the same for you and your venue. We offer a wide variety of bottle sizes, your choice of purified or spring water, and some of the most unique and stunning labels in the industry, so we can convey your establishment in the best light.

To learn more about the customized water bottles we provide for concert venues, contact Piedmont Springs today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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