Customized Water Bottles for Chiropractors’ Offices

Customized WaterProviding customized water bottles to patients while they wait for an appointment at your office is a smart marketing strategy since the water bottles will advertise your business logo on their labels. Your clients will be able to relax with cool, refreshing water while the custom water bottles spread brand awareness. It’s a win-win for both you and your patients.

How to Design a Custom Label

Customized water bottles can be effective advertising tools if you design the labels properly. As you create your custom labels, you’ll want to be certain that your business name or logo is the main focus. To do this, it’s important you choose a font style and text size that is easy for people of all ages to read. You will also want to pick a color scheme where the text color and background color complement one another. For example, a white background and gray text would not be ideal, since your business name would be difficult to read. To further customize your labels, you will also want to add information to the labels, such as your phone number, hours of operation, and more.

Where to Find High-Quality Customized Water Bottles

When it comes time to order your custom water bottles, turn to the experts at Piedmont Springs. We have spent decades helping businesses of all sizes market their brands. We provide our customers with incredibly durable water bottles with beautiful, professionally printed labels. Additionally, we offer quick turnaround times and competitive shipping rates nationwide. If you would like to learn more about our customized water bottles, contact Piedmont Springs today.

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