Where Can You Use Customized Water Bottles to Promote Your Brand?

Customized Water BottlesCustomized water bottles can be utilized as promotional tools in virtually any situation, but they are especially well-suited to special events that are held indoors and out. Here are just a few suggestions for where you can use private label water bottles to raise awareness about your brand.


Is there any more obvious event for bringing along customized water bottles than a marathon? It’s obvious that all of the participants will need a drink along the way and after the marathon is over, but the spectators also need water to stay hydrated as they watch. If you’re sponsoring a marathon, there’s no better way to build your brand than to pass out water that has an eye-catching label on it. A simple gesture like this will be appreciated by people receiving the water bottles, so your organization is certain to make a good impression on them.

Tradeshows & Conventions      

These events provide ample opportunity to spread the word about your organization, but it can be tough to decide what kinds of promotional products to bring along. Customized water bottles are the ideal fit for these situations because they are relatively cost-effective, and their labels can be tailored to stand out from the crowd of other promotional items that companies might be handing out on the show floor. Plus, bottles of water can be readily used by anyone, ensuring that the recipients will be exposed to your brand multiple times as they take sips from their bottles.

Outdoor Festivals

Enjoying the music and atmosphere associated with outdoor festivals can make it easy to forget how thirsty you are. Keep attendees hydrated with customized water bottles that bear your company or organization’s logo and information. They’re sure to make an impact on the people who receive them, particularly if the label is well-designed. In this sort of situation, bottles are perfect, whether you’re looking to sell them for a large ROI or you’d rather give them away to spread the word about your brand to as many people as possible at these large gatherings.

Contact Piedmont Springs today to learn more about customized water bottles and how you can use them to build your brand. We are one of the nation’s leading private label bottled water providers, and we’ll be happy to help you promote your business or organization.

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