Customized Water Bottles Provide an Ideal Promotional Opportunity for Businesses, Organizations & Events

Customized WaterA customized water bottle can transform a simple drink into a promotional platform for everything from car dealerships to golf tournaments to entertainment venues. If you’re looking for a cost-effective, simple way to advertise your organization or event, Piedmont Springs has the answer. We can provide you with spring or purified water in durable plastic bottles, which are customized with a label that meets your specifications.

Producing labels that will catch the eye of your intended audience is extremely important, which is why our in-house design team will work diligently to create the ideal label. We also understand the importance of meeting your design expectations, so we will work closely with you as we create the custom water bottle labels.

Our procedure is as follows:

  • We’ll ask you to send in your logo, as well as any art you wish to incorporate into the label, in a vector format.
  • Our team will create a draft design that adheres to the specifications you provide.
  • We will refine the label design, should you request it.
  • When you’re satisfied with the design, we’ll ask you to sign off on the label.

After we receive your approval, you can expect your customized water bottles to be delivered within about two to three weeks, depending on your location. In addition to this quick turnaround time, we can offer some of the best prices available on custom label water bottles. In fact, you may find our prices on customized water bottles may even rival the price of regular bottled water!

To order your customized water bottles, contact Piedmont Springs today.

Custom Label Water Bottles
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