Customized Promotional Items from Piedmont Springs for Businesses & Events in Atlanta, Chattanooga, Birmingham, Memphis & Other Cities throughout the United States

Customized Promotional ItemsCustomized promotional items can be the key to catching the attention of guests, visitors, or potential clients.  Private label water bottles might be the right choice for your business, organization, or event because they provide personalized, portable advertisements that can leave a good impression on your intended audience. Whether you’re in Atlanta, Augusta, Orlando, or another US city, Piedmont Springs can provide you with these customized promotional items – durable corporate water bottles that have labels designed according to your preferences.

Our customized water bottles provide several advantages over average water bottles. For instance:

  • The bottles are made of heavier plastic than most water bottles, so they will hold up better during transport.
  • The labels we design are laminated, preventing them from disintegrating, fading, or peeling after being submerged in water.
  • The translucent cap helps keep eyes focused on your label design.

Not only are our materials of the highest quality, but our associates have the skills and experience needed to create quality products while adhering to your specifications. In fact, communication is the cornerstone of our label design process, so you can be sure that we will work closely with you to produce customized water bottles that live up to your expectations. Perhaps best of all, we can offer this level of quality and service while maintaining highly competitive prices.

Contact Piedmont Springs today for more information on using customized water bottles as promotional items. We’re proud to serve clients in Savannah, Augusta, Charlotte, and all across the country.

Custom Label Water Bottles
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