Custom Water Bottles to Promote Yoga Studios

Custom Water Bottles Yoga StudiosAfter a good yoga session, who wouldn’t appreciate a nice, refreshing bottle of water? As the owner of a yoga studio, there is a way that you can give your customers the hydration they desire, while also promoting your business, and it comes in the form of custom water bottles. Custom water bottles are a popular promotional tool for yoga studios and a wide variety of other business, as they are exceptionally:


It takes the average person 8-12 minutes to drink an entire water bottle, which is significantly more brand exposure than other forms of advertising, including TV and radio ads, which typically only last 30-60 seconds.


Nearly everyone drinks bottled water (no other beverage in the world outsells it), making it an invaluable promotional tool. With hardly any effort, you can hand your custom water bottles out to people of ages, in virtually all environments, such as your yoga studio, retreats, tradeshows, and other events. How and where you want to dispense your water bottles is conveniently up to you.

Turn to Piedmont Springs

If you’re looking for the highest quality custom water bottles to promote your yoga studio, you can confidently turn to the professionals at Piedmont Springs. For decades we have been providing savvy business owners with our top-tier bottles, which are made of sturdy, heavy-gauge plastic and adorned with stylish, eye-catching labels that convey professionalism before customers even take their first sip.

For additional information about why custom water bottles are an excellent promotional tool for yoga studios, contact our professionals at Piedmont Springs today.

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