What to Look for in Custom Water Bottles

Custom Water BottlesWhen you’re looking for custom water bottles that will convey your brand to your customers, guests, clients, event attendees, or another audience, it’s essential that you spend some time analyzing your choice. While a water bottle may seem like a simple promotional tool, it can also prove remarkably effective if you know what to look for.


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing your custom water bottles is their durability. You might think that the bottle only needs to hold up for the time it takes you to hand it over to its recipient, but you must think about the entire lifespan of the bottle. Take, for example, the transit between the water bottle provider and your business or organization. This sometimes lengthy trip can cause denting and other damage to your water bottles, possibly diminishing your promotional efforts. To head off this issue, make it a point to seek out water bottles that have thicker plastic walls.

You should also think about the longevity of the custom labels that accompany your water bottles because they provide an important visual focal point. If these labels are easily ripped or disintegrate when wet, you may not be able to rely on them to convey your intended message to your audience. Therefore, it’s best to choose laminated labels should you have the opportunity. These labels can be submerged or exposed to sunlight without deteriorating or fading, allowing you to hand out your bottles with confidence.

Visual Attractiveness

Another important characteristic to keep in mind when choosing your custom water bottles is the visual appeal of the labels. On these personalized labels, you can create an image that will catch the eye of the viewer and reflect your company’s desired brand. To that end, you should seek a bottle provider who can customize a label that will convey your message well. After all, if your audience doesn’t take notice of your company’s name or your organization’s logo, your promotional efforts will fall flat.


Don’t forget to think about that most obvious of custom bottled water characteristics – the taste! When selecting a bottled water provider, ask where the water comes from. Also, note whether it is categorized as purified water, spring water, or another designation because each of these phrases relates to the origin and flavor of the water.

For the best of all three factors, you can simply turn to Piedmont Springs, the nation’s source for custom water bottles. We provide organizations with thicker-than-average water bottles filled with refreshing water, but the main reason that companies and other organizations choose us to provide their custom water bottles is our label design. Our design team works closely with our clients, enabling us to create labels that perfectly reflect their needs.

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