How Custom Water Bottle Labels Can Help Market Your Aquarium or Zoo

Custom Water Bottle LabelsCustom water bottle labels can effectively advertise your zoo or aquarium by spreading awareness of your brand. Selling custom water bottles in your gift store and café gives your visitors access to cool, refreshing water that will also work as a walking advertisement for your business. As guests walk around and enjoy your exhibits, they will be carrying the labeled water bottle with your aquarium or zoo’s logo on it for all to see.

Designing a Label

When deciding to use customized water bottles as a marketing tool, you’ll want to design a label that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to read. You can have your entire business name visible on the label, or use a logo. Additionally, you can incorporate your organization’s signature colors and even include contact information. You may even want to advertise a special exhibit you have on display.

Who to Turn to For an Excellent Product

For exceptionally durable water bottles and beautiful, professionally printed labels, look no further than Piedmont Springs. We have decades of experience in the custom water bottle industry and are known for our quick turnaround times. Even more, we offer great shipping rates and ship nationwide. To learn more about the custom water bottle labels we offer, contact Piedmont Springs today.

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