How to Use Custom Water Bottles

Custom WaterMany businesses and organizations have recently turned to custom water bottles for promotional reasons. Here are some settings where these water bottles can come in handy:

Tradeshows or Conventions

Every company that sets up shop at a tradeshow hands out promotional items ranging from business cards and pens to tote bags and T-shirts. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, why not provide attendees with products that they can use immediately? After all, everyone can use a refreshing bottle of water after a long day! By using custom water bottles, you can get your organization’s name and information into the hands of potential clients in a way they’re bound to appreciate.

Business Meetings

It’s common courtesy to offer guests and potential customers with something to drink when they come in for meetings. You could give them a cup of coffee or water, but handing out chilled bottles of water complete with custom labels can make a bigger impact on your clients. It looks more professional and can send the visual message that you mean business. You could even offer potential clients a bottle to take with them as both a gift and promotional product.

Sporting Events

There is perhaps nowhere else that a custom water bottle would be more appreciated than at an sporting event. Whether you plan to quench the thirst of marathon runners, participants in a golf tournament, or even the spectators watching their favorite teams compete, water bottles make the ideal promotional products.

Outdoor Festivals

If you’re planning to attend a festival centered around music, food, or art, why not take along some custom water bottles? If you like, you can sell them to event attendees, or simply hand them out as purely promotional products. No matter how you choose to distribute them, you can be sure that a custom label will catch the eye of everyone who uses your water to get rehydrated.

If you’re ready to sell custom labeled water bottles or to hand them out as promotional products, contact Piedmont Springs today. We have been one of the nation’s leading bottled water providers since 1984, and our years of experience in the industry allow us to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We go the extra mile in every aspect of our operations, from keeping in close contact with customers throughout the label-design phase, to choosing sturdy bottles that resist denting, to ensuring that our clients receive their custom water bottles as quickly as possible.

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