Custom Water Bottles: Make an Impact with Your Label

Custom Water for PurchaseCustom water bottles can be the perfect promotional product option for any organization that is seeking to reach customers, guests, or any other desired audience. After all, everyone could use a bottle of refreshing water now and then, and when it is emblazoned with your organization’s name, it can become a handy way make an impact on your audience. With that in mind, you should take steps to ensure that you communicate your brand as clearly as possible through your water bottle labels. Below, you’ll find some of the elements you should seek to include on your custom water bottle labels.

Make Your Labels Informative

Perhaps the most obvious piece of advice is to make sure that your custom water bottle labels convey all the information you want the customer to have. You’ll likely choose to include your organization’s name with your logo, but you should also consider if printing contact information is appropriate. If it is, you’ll also need to select through which means you’d prefer for your audience to interact with you. For example, a water bottle label for a golf course might include its physical address, phone number, and website address, whereas a label designed for bottles handed out at a music festival might only include a website and social media contact information.

Make Your Labels Eye-Catching

The truth is that if you can’t direct your audience’s eyes to the information you’ve chosen, they will never read it. To avoid being lost in the visual shuffle, aim to make your custom water bottle labels stand out. That means that you have to think about the color scheme you plan to use, as well as the layout of the label as a whole. While it’s tempting to simply enlist the brightest colors and bold fonts to draw the viewer’s attention to your custom water bottle labels, remember that every choice you make affects how people will see your brand. Neons and funky fonts might be a good choice for a school or daycare, but if you’re designing labels for a swanky hotel, stick to neutral colors and a sleek minimalistic design that will catch eyes by virtue of elegance.

Make Your Labels Durable

What good is all of your planning if the labels aren’t intact by the time they reach the hands of your intended recipients? To avoid running into problems down the road, make sure that your labels are designed to hold up to all the challenges that they may come across from the time you receive your custom water bottles to the time you give them out. Due to their enhanced durability, laminated labels are superior to typical paper labels. With a plastic coating, they can withstand being submerged in water or ice without ripping or peeling.

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