Custom Plastic Water Bottles Are an Effective Tool to Promote Your Business

Custom Plastic Water BottlesImagine if you had 8-12 minutes with dozens of people to promote your business. That is exactly the kind of valuable brand exposure you could receive if you invest in custom plastic water bottles from Piedmont Springs. We can provide you with bottled water that is wrapped in stunning, eye-catching labels that have your name, logo, and message printed on them for all who drink from the bottles to see. You can pass them out in waiting rooms, lobbies, at trade shows, events, and anywhere your customers may be. And, since it takes the average person 8-12 minutes to drink an entire water bottle—compared to 30-60 seconds of exposure they might receive during TV and radio ads—they’ll have plenty of time to become familiar with your company.

An Industry-Leading Product

At Piedmont Springs, we respect the fact that in order for you to put your company name on something, it should convey the utmost quality. That’s why our product uses the best:

  • Bottles – We use extra-thick plastic for our bottles so they will not crinkle or bend in your customers’ hands.
  • Labels – Our labels are available in a wide variety of colors and will be customized to ensure they meet your vision.
  • Water – We offer purified water, which goes through a 10-step purification process, as well as spring water, which comes from pure, protected sources, so you can have peace of mind it will be absolutely safe for your customers to drink.

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Custom Label Water Bottles
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