Custom Labeled Bottled Water Available to Business Owners Greensboro NC

Do you want to spread the word and market your Greensboro, North Carolina, business? If so,Two clear plastic water bottles with custom labels consider the benefits of custom labeled bottled water. Since 1984, Piedmont Springs has proudly crafted personalized labels that showcase the name, logo, and unique branding of a business. These bottles make for a smart advertising tool, as people tend to travel with water bottles in hand. This turns the plastic vessel into a mobile billboard that can catch the attention of potential customers.

Our Custom Labeled Bottled Water

When you partner with Piedmont Springs, you can expect our team to start your custom labeled bottled water project with a phone call. During this process, we will take the time to learn about your business, review our label color and style options, and request your vector logo.

From there, we will create a custom label that accurately represents your business, send out a mockup, and ask for your approval. After the label has been approved, our team will have your bottles delivered directly to your door within two to three weeks.

In addition to creating a personalized label, business owners can also choose what they would like to have their custom labeled bottled water filled with. Our options include:

  • Purified water that goes through a rigorous 10-step purification process


  • Spring water that is collected from a protected location in Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains

We are also monitored by the Georgia Department of Agriculture and the FDA, ensuring our water is safe and clean.

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To learn more about the custom labeled bottled water we offer to business owners in Greensboro, North Carolina, contact Piedmont Springs. We look forward to working with you.

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