Using Custom Label Water Bottles for Your Next Corporate Gathering

Custom Label Water BottlesCustom label water bottles make wonderful promotional products to introduce or reinforce your brand with new and existing customers. But have you ever thought about using such bottles at a corporate gathering? Because they contain refreshing water and are pleasing to the eye, they can also be appropriate additions to virtually any type of event your business might hold. Whether you’re planning a formal soiree for your company’s executives to mingle with their most important clients, or you’re gearing up for a company picnic at the local park, these plastic water bottles are handy and thoughtful gifts to offer your guests.

Entertaining Your Guests

It can be tough to plan a formal gathering that combines socializing with current clients and rubbing elbows with potential new contacts. To help improve the perception of your organization while welcoming your guests, you can provide each attendee with a customized bottle of water. You’ll very likely have other drinks available, but bottled water is always an excellent addition to your table – it’s useful to everyone and it will complement any dishes you’re serving. Plus, when they have customized labels with your logo and contact information, these bottles can help clearly convey your brand and can even serve as an alternative to the typical business card.

Serving Your Employees

When you’re hosting your summer picnic or holiday party, why not bring along customized bottled water? The branded water bottles can have some basic information on it, including your company’s logo and other basic information. Or, you might want to take a more festive route by including cheerful imagery or a fun message on your labels. No matter what you decide the label should look like, your water bottles are sure to be appreciated by your guests. Hand them out as employees and their families enjoy outdoor festivities to quench their thirst, or include the bottles as unique party favors at your holiday dinner.

If you’re ready to order custom label water bottles for your upcoming corporate event, contact Piedmont Springs today.

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