Custom Label Water Bottles Make Excellent Promotional Products

Custom Label WaterCustom label water bottles can be a useful marketing tool for a variety of businesses and organizations. They can be used by all manner of people, who are likely to look at the bottle and its customized label as they drink the water inside. Plus, because water bottles are so readily portable, the water recipients can spread the word about a brand by merely toting bottles around. If you’re interested in purchasing custom label water bottles, look to Piedmont Springs to help you reach your intended audience.

Piedmont Springs will bring you the best product possible at very competitive prices. We use extremely sturdy water bottles that are made of thicker plastic than most water bottles, giving them added durability against denting. The eye-catching labels that our skilled design team makes are also very durable because they are laminated to protect them from deterioration.

There are many organizations and events that can reap the benefits of marketing their brand with custom water bottle labels. Here are a few examples of how to use our corporate promotional items:

  • Hotels can give bottles out in welcome baskets to their guests
  • Golf courses can hand out tournament participants a bit of much-needed refreshment
  • Hospitals can provide bottles to patients, as well as visitors and hospital staff
  • Businesses of all sorts can give custom water bottles away during conventions and other gatherings
  • And more

No matter how you envision using your custom label water bottles, you can rest assured that the Piedmont Springs team will strive to provide you with durable bottles and top-notch customer service. In fact, many of our customers are so pleased with our products that they request regular water bottle deliveries.

To learn more about Piedmont Springs using our custom label water bottles as promotional business products, contact us today.

Custom Label Water Bottles
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