Custom Label Bottled Water Available for Purchase in North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, and throughout the United States

Custom Label Bottled WaterCustom label bottled water provides the opportunity to reach out to an organization’s desired audience, whether it’s potential customers, event attendees, business contacts, or hospital visitors. Bottled water is a universally appealing promotional product because everyone can put it to use, and when these bottles have a well-designed label spotlighting a company, product, or event, they can have a lasting impact on their recipients. At Piedmont Springs, we are proud to provide the thirst-quenching water and well-designed packaging that companies and organizations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, and the rest of lower 48 states.

Our customized bottled water is some of the finest available because it has:

  • Increased durability – Our bottles are made of thicker plastic than the average water bottle, allowing them to hold up better. This advantage is important when transporting water bottles, which can sometimes lead to dents and dings in thinner bottles.
  • Eye-catching labels – Our experienced designers work closely with every client, ensuring that they receive customized labels that reflect their organization’s needs. These labels are professionally printed in rich color and then laminated, all in order to grab the attention of the water bottle recipients.
  • Refreshing taste – You can choose from our spring water, which is drawn from a pure and protected source in the Blue Ridge Mountains, or our purified water,  which undergoes a 10-step filtration process. Either way, the water is delicious and sure to quench the thirst of every recipient.

For more information about the custom label bottled water we offer in Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, and other states, contact Piedmont Springs today.

Custom Label Water Bottles
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