How to Ensure that Your Custom Bottled Water Will Effectively Promote Your Virginia Business

Custom Bottled Water VirginiaOrdering custom bottled water that comes with specially designed labels is an outstanding method for promoting your Virginia business, whether you’re handing out bottles at a trade show or selling them to customers at your restaurant. To ensure that your bottles are having the maximum positive impact on your audience, it’s vital to find bottles that will catch their attention and accurately reflect your brand. Take the time to check that your provider is capable of delivering a product that meets these standards.

Check for a durable bottle

When you’re using custom bottled water as a vehicle for promoting your Virginia business, a tough bottle is absolutely essential. Not only will a thicker bottle hold up better during shipping, but it will also withstand usage better. Thick-walled bottles are therefore more likely to refilled by recipients and used again. That means that your brand will gain more exposure for every person who reuses a bottle, as well as anyone else who happens to see them drinking from it.

Ask about the quality of the label

Imagine receiving your first delivery of custom water bottles only to discover that the labels are peeling, crinkled, or falling apart. If you opt for cheaper, inferior labels, your message may suffer. Instead of taking your chances with paper labels that can disintegrate after getting wet or can quickly fade after exposure to light, look for companies that offer laminated labels or plastic options. Those materials are more likely to stay intact and to reflect well upon your company.

If you’re seeking custom bottled water that meets the high standards outlined above, choose Piedmont Springs as your provider. Not only do we offer Virginia businesses exceptional water bottles, but we also offer some of the fastest times to delivery in the industry.

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