Why Promoting Your Event with Custom Bottled Water is an Excellent Idea

Custom Bottled WaterBuilding your brand with custom bottled water is ideal for anyone with an upcoming event. Whether your company is sponsoring a marathon, your organization is hosting an outdoor festival, or your venue is holding a concert, people are sure to want water at some point during the event. For this reason, offering water bottles that are clad in customized labels has become a very popular and cost-effective promotional tactic at such events.

What Makes Custom Bottled Water a Smart Buy?

Simply put, bottled water is an item that everyone can make easy use of – and the more practical the product is, the more likely the recipient is to use it. Since it generally takes people a few minutes to drink a bottle of water, you can expect nearly everyone who gets your custom bottled water will see your logo, contact information, or any other items that you choose to include the bottles’ labels. Should someone choose to carry around the bottle for an extended period of time, more people will be exposed to your brand, making your promotion more successful.

What Should I Seek in My Water Bottles?

If you think custom bottled water might make a good addition to your promotional efforts, be sure to do your homework before you place an order. First off, check that the bottles that you’ll receive will be made of thick plastic. In recent years, some companies have started offering thinner bottles that are more likely to be damaged during shipping. Dents and dings can distract from your label design, and a damaged water bottle is less likely to be refilled and reused, so you need your bottles to hold up! Also, consider the durability of your water bottle labels. Even the most visually attractive label design can prove useless if it’s printed by a less-than-stellar printer, or if it’s so delicate that it falls apart quickly. To avoid label disasters, choose a company that is known for their professional printing process, and ask if they laminate their labels to prevent fading, peeling, and other issues.

To eliminate the guesswork, trust Piedmont Springs with your custom bottled water order. As one of the nation’s most well-respected private label bottled water companies, we understand what our customers seek in our products, and we strive to exceed their expectations. Our water is crisp and refreshing, our bottles are built to last, and our labels are skillfully designed and beautifully printed. In addition to these advantages, we also provide some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, meaning that you can expect to receive your bottled water within two weeks of approving your label design.

For more information about our custom bottled water, contact Piedmont Springs today.

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