How You Can Use Branded Water Bottles to Promote Your Kentucky Company During Sporting Events

Branded Water Bottles KentuckyBranded water bottles have been used for years to promote businesses and other organizations at events like trade shows, but there are so many other places where they can be put to use. If you’re seeking an inventive method for spreading the word about your organization, product, or service, consider handing out customized water bottles at Kentucky sporting events.

Tailgating Before the Game

If you are able to hand out freebies before the local high school or college football game, branded water bottles make an excellent choice. Although water might not be everyone’s beverage of choice before kickoff, it is completely universal in its appeal. Plus, when you hand out bottles that have customized labels featuring your logo and contact information, you’re bound to see more brand exposure among the football fans. What’s more, if your bottle is extra durable, it can be easily refilled and reused (a real boon in the sometimes sweltering Kentucky weather), thereby increasing the number of people who see your labels.

Marathons and Other Races

If your organization is sponsoring a local marathon, branded water bottles make excellent gifts for participants, but spectators will also enjoy some refreshment. Because they are so economical, you can stock up on labeled bottles and pass them out to virtually everyone in the crowd. When the spectators are waiting for their friends and family to pass, they’ll have the chance to read your label. You may even want to include your web address on your labels so members of the crowd can pay your site a visit while they wait.

For beautifully labeled branded water bottles that are perfect for Kentucky sporting events, you can rely on Piedmont Springs. As one of the nation’s leading customized bottled water  providers, we are proud to offer outstanding label design capabilities and as well as having some of the fastest delivery times in the industry.

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