Private Label Purified Water Versus Spring Water: Which is Better?

Aug 27, 2021

When it comes to custom water bottles, there are several factors to consider. For one, aesthetics. The shape and colors of aWater pouring out of a plastic bottle label may be customized so it accurately reflects the brand of your business. You also want to be sure that the label is adorned with your logo and contains any necessary background and contact information that may help drive a customer to reach out for your product or service.

The bottle itself is also important. If your custom water bottle is crafted with flimsy plastic, then it will likely crinkle, rendering the label illegible. This defeats the purpose of advertising with a custom label. Instead, opt for a water bottle that is made from strong plastic that will never lose its shape, as this ensures your label is much more likely to remain intact.

But aside from appearance, there is one final element that can’t go unnoticed—filling the bottle with drinkable water. A custom water bottle serves as a mobile billboard and is easily carried from one location to the next, showcasing the name and logo of your business. But in the end, the water bottle is also serving as a thirst quencher and should be filled with safe, clean, drinkable water.

If you are debating between which type of water your private label bottles should be filled with, keep the following options in mind:

Purified Water

When contemplating what to fill your bottles with, there are two main options, purified and spring water. Purified water has been filtered or processed in such a way that all impurities have been removed. Purified water also has a notably higher purity than spring or tap water, and is free of chemicals, bacteria, algae, fungi, and metals.

Spring Water

Spring water is taken from an underground aquifer. This type of water is known for its refreshing and satisfying taste, making it a favorite among consumers. It also contains minerals that are beneficial for one’s health and may aid with digestion.

Main Takeaway

Overall, there isn’t an overarching conclusion as to which type of water is better. One type is not superior to the other. In fact, both are safe, clean, and potable. The only differences are how the water is acquired and processed, in addition to a possible variance in taste.

Choosing The Right Water for Your Custom Bottles

If you are interested in private label purified or spring water for your custom water bottles, then turn to the professionals at Piedmont Springs. Not only are our bottles crafted with durable plastic and adorned with labels that will accurately represent your business, but they are also filled with drinking water you can trust.

We offer purified water that goes through a rigorous 10-step sanitization process, as well as spring water that is sourced from a protected location in Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

Our operations are also monitored by the Georgia Department of Agriculture and the FDA, so you can have peace of mind knowing that our water meets stringent health and safety standards.

To learn more about our private label bottles, as well as the water we fill them with contact Piedmont Springs today. Our friendly and helpful team looks forward to working with you and answering any questions you may have.

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