How The Private Label Water Bottling Process Works

Jul 19, 2021

Functioning as a mobile billboard, private label bottle water is a smart and effective tool when it comes to marketing theThree clear, plastic water bottles with custom labels name and logo of your business. Picture the following: someone is given a water bottle that is adorned with your branded label. From there, that individual may walk around with the water bottle in hand, unknowingly helping advertise your business to potential customers. Essentially, you pick out the label, and the water bottle does the rest of the work. It is really that easy.

How to Get Started

If private label water bottles sound like something that may be right for you, then the first step is to consider what you would like your private label water bottle to look like. Your label should reflect the color scheme of your business for consistency and easy recognition. Having key material printed on the label, such as the company name, logo, and contact information is also helpful and can better direct people to your business.

Once you have decided on a color palette that accurately reflects your branding, label design, and what information you would like to include, the next step is choosing what to fill your water bottles with—purified or spring water.

Purified water undergoes a rigorous cleansing process that ensures bacteria and all other contaminants are efficiently removed. Once purification is complete, you are left with potable water that is ready to be dispersed into bottles. Additionally, spring water comes from a protected location that is regulated for drinking water purposes. This type of water is also refreshing and clean.

Private label bottled water tends to be distributed in bulk, as your marketing strategy will likely require passing out numerous bottles, so you can spread the word and maximize the efficacy of this marketing process. With this in mind, having water bottles shipped directly to your doors can relieve plenty of stress.

Go With a Company You Can Trust

Additionally, when contemplating these options, working with a company that takes the time to learn about your wants and needs can make all the difference. If you are interested in private label water bottles then turn to the professionals at Piedmont Springs. We proudly create custom labels for businesses throughout the Southeast. And when you partner with us, you can expect transparent communication, flawless workmanship, and unmatched customer service every step of the way.

We also fill all of our bottles with purified water that goes through a rigorous 10-step cleansing process or spring water that is taken from a protected location in Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Additionally, our operations are monitored by the Georgia Department of Agriculture and the FDA, so you can rest easy knowing our water is safe, clean, and ready for consumption.

We will also deliver your new bottles straight to your business with a two-to-three week turnaround so you don’t have to worry about arranging a pick-up location or carrying all of the bottles by yourself.

To learn more about the private label bottled water we offer, contact Piedmont Springs today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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