Giving Out Logoed Bottled Water at Special Events

Sep 29, 2021

If your business is hosting or participating in a special event, don’t hesitate to consider it an invaluable marketingTwo clear plastic water bottles with custom labels opportunity. Reaching a wide audience is key, as you never know who may turn into a potential customer. And, what better way to have access to a large crowd than with custom-labeled water bottles that are adorned with the name and logo of your business.

Consider water bottles as a moving billboard. People tend to travel with bottles in hand, which means whatever label is adhered to the bottle is likely to catch the attention of passersby. This makes for a great advertising approach. Just be sure that your custom water bottle label is not only eye-catching but also informative. Decorate it with the logo of your business as well as important information, such as the name, contact information, and perhaps a brief blurb about what your company does.

Examples of Special Events

There are various special events in which a logoed bottled water marketing strategy is smart. Consider the following events, and see how these bottles may help you advertise:

  • Open houses – If you are a realtor and are hosting an open house, don’t forget to put your logoed bottled water out on display. Prospective buyers are likely to pick up a bottle while touring the home and leave with the bottle in hand, all while keeping your name and contact information, much like a business card.
  • Walks or runs – Drawing in large crowds, a walk or run is a smart way to advertise your business with custom logoed bottled water. With many thirsty athletes, as well as parked spectators, there is no doubt that you will be able to pass out a large number of water bottles and have the name and logo of your business reach a large audience.
  • Fundraisers – Catch the attention of fundraiser patrons with logoed bottle water that showcases your business. These bottles will not only help with advertisement, but they will also serve as a reminder that your company was affiliated with a philanthropic event, which may positively impact a potential customer’s decision to give you a call.

The list of events where logoed bottle water could be useful goes on and on. In the end, the main takeaway is that no matter the event, logoed bottled water is a clever marketing tool that can help you spread the word and advertise your business.

Where to Get Your Logoed Bottled Water

At Piedmont Springs, we have proudly provided logoed bottled water goes businesses since 1984. When you partner with us, you can expect water bottles that are crafted from durable plastic and filled with purified or spring water.  We also begin every custom water bottle project with a phone call where we will take the time to learn more about your business and ask for your vector logo. Contact us today to get started! We look forward to working with you and answering any questions you may have.

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