Make your bottled water Environmentally Friendly!

In an effort to help reduce the tons of plastic bottle waste accumulating in our nation’s solid waste facilities, Piedmont Springs is announcing their first Earth Friendly biodegradable bottled water, EcoAqua with bottles that are not Oxo-degradable (requires oxygen, heat, & moisture to break down, which is not found in landfills) or P.L.A. (corn based) plastics.EcoAqua bottles are biodegradable in aerobic (compost) and anaerobic (landfill) environments, breaking down through microbial action into biogases and inert humus leaving behind no harmful materials. EcoAqua bottles are recyclable and can be mixed into the standard PET recycling stream.It is estimated that more than 100 billion plastic bottles are added to landfills each year. When a traditional plastic bottle enters a landfill, it can take thousands of years to break down – if ever.
Many products on the market claim to be biodegradable but are in fact only compostable and are unable to degrade in a landfill environment, or the product simply breaks down into smaller pieces (plastic flakes). EcoAqua bottles completely bio-degrade within 5 years!By introducing the EcoAqua bottle water to the industry, Piedmont Springs offers a truly bio-degradable product with the ability to maintain the same physical properties (shelf life, texture, appearance, etc) as traditional PET plastic bottles, with the only difference being the impact it will have on our environment!We believe each of us has an obligation to act as environmental stewards for our planet to pass on to future generations. If you would like more information about how to create your own personalized Environmentally Friendly Bottled Water or simply replace your existing brand with our EcoAqua brand, please contact a Piedmont Springs representative today!

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