Benefits of Using Private Label Water Bottles as Marketing Tools for Spas

Private label waterSupplying private label water bottles to customers at your spa can be a unique marketing technique for your business. Impress guests by providing them with cool, crisp water while they relax and enjoy their treatment. While your clients will appreciate their refreshing water, the custom label affixed on the bottle will reinforce your brand. Guests will take delight in the thoughtful gift and remember which spa went above and beyond to ensure their ultimate comfort.

Why Custom Water Bottles are Great Marketing Tools

While there are a number of marketing tools available for businesses to use, custom water bottles are both a functional and fully customizable option. You’ll have the freedom to choose what size water bottle you want to use and what design you’d like on the bottle’s custom label. You can also have your business’ logo printed on the label, and even add your contact information as an easy reference for customers to find you.

Where to Find a Great Product

Piedmont Springs has been in the custom water bottle industry for years and maintains the highest standards when it comes to our products. Our bottles are more durable than standard water bottles, and our beautiful, professionally printed labels won’t fade or wrinkle. Additionally, we offer a number of bottle sizes to choose from as well as purified or spring water options. For more information on how our private label water bottles can help promote your spa, contact Piedmont Springs today.

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