Why Private Label Bottled Water is the Smart Choice for Promoting Your Health Club

Private Label Bottled WaterPrivate label bottled water makes an excellent addition to a gym, health club, or similar establishment looking to promote the business in a healthy way. If you operate any of these facilities, you probably understand the importance of keeping the body hydrated, particularly before, during, and immediately after exercise. Why not help your clients do so while seizing an opportunity to reinforce your brand?

Selling Your Bottled Water

You may decide to offer your custom-labeled bottled water for sale at your health club’s counter as an alternative to visiting the water fountain. These branded water bottles can also serve as a backup for clients who forget to bring their own reusable water bottles from home. Either way, these bottles can provide a small boost to revenue, and with eye-catching labels they can help enhance the impression that your brand makes upon return customers, first-time guests, and even people outside the facility who see someone drinking from your bottle.

Giving Away Your Bottled Water

Private label bottled water can make a perfect welcome gift for someone who signs up for a membership, a one-on-one trainer session, or another service. A simple bottle of water is a universally appreciated gift, and it’s particularly handy in anticipation of working up a sweat. You can provide free bottles of water at promotional events outside of your establishment. For example, if you are planning to set up a kiosk at a local shopping center or other location, consider giving interested passersby a bottle of water with your logo, address, and contact information rather than a business card. The water is more likely to be appreciated and used by the recipient, increasing the exposure to your brand.

If you’re thinking about ordering some private label water to help promote your health club or gym, contact Piedmont Springs today. We specialize in delivering high-quality bottled water with full-color, customized labels to business throughout the nation, and we hope you’ll be our next satisfied client.

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