Why Private Label Bottled Water Should be Sold at Your Recreation Center in Charlotte, NC

Private Label Bottled Water Charlotte NCPrivate label bottled water is an effective marketing tool your recreation center in Charlotte, North Carolina, can take advantage of. Instead of selling water bottles advertising random water companies, why not sell custom water bottles that advertise your organization? As families walk around your complex, they can enjoy cool, hydrating water that simultaneously advertises your brand.

What to Include on Your Personalized Label

In order to ensure you are getting the most from using water bottles as marketing material, you will want your label to be aesthetically pleasing. You will have the freedom to incorporate whatever colors you’d like into your design. Additionally, you will be able to add your business name or logo to the label. To make certain the name is easy to read, you will want to pick an appropriate text size. Even more, you can include the contact information of your recreation center in Charlotte, NC, to your label.

Where to Order Customized Water Bottles From

To provide your guests with well-made water bottles that will stand up to being carried around by the kids at your recreation center, turn to Piedmont Springs. We offer exceptionally durable water bottles with beautiful, professionally printed labels. Even more, we have great shipping rates and can ship nationwide. To learn more about the private label bottled water we offer to recreation centers in Charlotte, NC, contact Piedmont Springs today.

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