How Customized Water Bottles Can Help Universities Market Themselves

Customized Water Bottles Handing out customized water bottles to potential students while they visit your campus can be an economical marketing campaign for your university. As guests arrive, providing them with custom water bottles will help to make them feel welcome, and they can enjoy cool, refreshing water during their tour. Best yet, the labels on the bottles will provide an advertisement for your institution. Supplying this functional takeaway for potential students can provide both a pleasant introduction to your university and leave a positive, lasting impression.

Additional Ways Your University Can Use Custom Water Bottles

In addition to providing customized water bottles to potential students, your staff can also hand out these bottles to students during orientation as well as sell them at sporting events. Providing custom water bottles to new students while they get to know the campus can help them stay hydrated and spread school spirit since the logo on the bottle label will represent their new university. Even more, selling custom-labeled bottled water at sporting events gives your institution the ability to market your own school instead of a random beverage company. The label will be adorned with your logo or mascot, advertising your brand throughout event.

Where to Find a Great Product

When using custom water bottles as marketing tools, it is exceedingly important to ensure the bottles are durable, and that the labels have been professionally printed. For high-quality customized water bottles, look no further than Piedmont Springs. We have been providing top-notch products for years, and are known for our quick turnaround times. We offer durable bottles in a range of sizes, as well as your option of purified or spring water. Even more, we offer great shipping rates and can ship nationwide. For more information on how custom-labeled bottled water can help you market your university, contact Piedmont Springs today.

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