What Makes Custom Water Bottles Such a Successful Promotional Opportunity for Illinois Businesses?

Custom Water Bottles IllinoisCustom water bottles offer Illinois businesses the impactful and economical promotional opportunities that they want. But what makes these bottles so perfectly suited to advertising for everything from a clothing boutique to a health club? Continue reading to find out.

Putting an ad in their hands

People are bombarded with ads at virtually every second of the day – from seeing billboards during the morning commute to scrolling past banner ads on websites. In fact, we see so many, that it can be tough for any business to rise above this “background noise” and have a marketing message reach the public and make a positive impact. Custom water bottles can make that jump by putting your Illinois company’s logo, basic information, and message into the hands of your customers, guests, or potential clients. A water bottle with a customized label is likely to be looked at for a far longer time than other types of ads because the recipient will likely drink it over the span of at least a few minutes.

The potential for reuse

Not only do custom water bottle recipients tend to make note of the company promoted on the bottle labels, but they may also reuse said bottle, increasing their exposure to the brand. What’s more, the longer people carry these bottles around with them, the more opportunities arise for others to see the label too. Of course, to accomplish this, you’ll need to invest in water bottles that hold up to multiple uses. That’s where Piedmont Springs comes in.

We have been one of the nation’s leading providers of customized water bottles since 1984, and our longevity in the industry can be ascribed to our dedication to offering our customers refreshing water in durable bottles with beautifully designed labels. To learn more about our recipe for success and how our custom water bottles can help promote your Illinois business, contact us today.

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