Handing Out Custom Label Water at Charity Events

Custom Label WaterCustom label water can be a cost-effective way to promote your charity during an event. Providing attendees with some cool, refreshing water to enjoy can serve as a great introduction to your charity and even help you recruit new supporters. Visitors will enjoy the crisp, fresh water while the custom label adorning the bottle will spread awareness of your organization.

Advertising with Custom Water Bottles at Charity Runs

As one example, handing out customized water bottles to participants at a charity race can be an effective advertising technique. Those taking part in the race will surely be grateful for the hydrating beverage, and thanks to the well-placed logo on the bottle, your organization’s name will be seen again and again. Your charity will gain exposure simply by providing runners with bottles of water to drink while at the race or to enjoy as a takeaway.

Where to Find Quality Custom Water Bottles

Piedmont Springs is an experienced custom label water bottle company that has years of experience. Our gorgeous, professionally printed labels can include your logo and even your contact information. We offer a range of durable water bottle sizes and also offer your choice of purified or spring water. Furthermore, you can order in bulk to ensure you are stocked up for the next event you host. To find out more about how customized water bottles can help market your charitable organization, contact Piedmont Springs today.

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