How Custom Bottled Water Can Promote Car Rental Agencies

Custom Bottled Water Custom bottled water can be a wise way for your car rental agency to advertise your company. As customers pick up and drop off cars, your business can provide them with bottles of refreshing water to help make their experiences as enjoyable as possible.  Supplying customized water bottles is a win-win situation for both your agency and your client. Patrons will be able to enjoy a cool drink of water while your company gets to market itself by advertising on the label of the water bottles.

Why Bottled Water?

No matter if your customers are on vacation, traveling for business, or need to rent a car while their automobiles are in the shop, your company can provide some relief by offering them bottled waters. While a beverage might not seem like a big deal, travelers and those in a hurry will surely appreciate the gift of invigorating water that they can take with them while they are on the go. When your customers get back on the road, they will have a way to keep themselves hydrated and will also be carrying around promotional material for your car rental agency. Everywhere your client takes their custom bottled water, your business’s logo goes too. The water bottle will publicize your agency as the label will be seen again and again. In brief, customized water bottles can make your clients happy while simultaneously marketing your company.

Where to Find a Professional Product

For excellent service and a quality product, your car rental agency can turn to Piedmont Springs for all of your customized water bottle needs. We offer bottle sizes ranging from 8 oz. to 20 oz. and have purified or spring water options available. Our bottles are also exceptionally durable and come adorned with a beautiful, professionally printed label. For more information on how you can grow your brand using custom bottled water, contact us today.

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