Branded Water Bottles: The Ideal Promotional Products for Vehicle Dealerships

Branded Water BotttlesBranded water bottles are the perfect addition to your car dealership or similar business because they can be deployed as quick and effective marketing tools.

Why water bottles?

Potential customers are bound to get thirsty while they’re walking through the lot, not to mention when they’re discussing the features of a vehicle or hammering out the particulars of a deal. Giving them a bottle of water is just one way to make your customers feel appreciated and to encourage them to keep talking with salespeople and other staff members. Instead of sending them to the water fountain or to your water cooler to grab those flimsy paper cups, use low-cost custom label water bottles to send the message that you care.

Plus, when these bottles have your company’s logo and information on them, it helps reinforce your brand to bottle recipients. This point is particularly important when you consider how many people shop around for vehicles, visiting several dealerships before making a purchase. In addition to giving customers your business card, why not provide them with private label bottled water? It will serve as a visual reminder of your hospitality and help your business stand out from the pack.

Where to Purchase Branded Water Bottles

If you’re thinking about buying branded water bottles for your dealership, make Piedmont Springs your provider of choice. We are one of the nation’s leading providers of water bottles with customized labels, and we will be happy to provide you with the perfect promotional products for your business. Our bottles are made of thick, durable plastic, and our labels are carefully laminated to ensure that they’ll hold up well throughout transport and distribution. What’s more, we offer these bottles at very competitive prices.

Contact Piedmont Springs today for more information about our branded water bottles and how they can give your dealership a marketing boost.

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