Promotional Water Bottles Custom-Designed for Businesses & Organizations

Promotional Water

Promotional water bottles can provide you with an easy way to get your message into the hands of your audience. At Piedmont Springs, we’ll not only provide you with extremely durable water bottles filled with refreshing spring or purified water, but our skilled designers will custom design your bottle labels to suit your needs.

To ensure that your promotional water bottle labels meet your standards, we’ll work closely with you as we design your labels. Here is the basic design procedure that we follow:

  • We’ll give you a quote on a promotional water bottle design, which will take into account the size of bottle you want, as well as whether you’d prefer spring or purified water.
  • Our associate will then ask for you to send in your logo and any other artwork you would like on the custom water bottles.
  • We’ll ask if the label needs to incorporate any other information, such as your organization’s contact information or website address.
  • With all of the components in hand, our professional designers will create a customized label that will meet your requirements while catching the eyes of your audience.

After we have finished designing the labels, we will ask for your approval of the design. Once you are satisfied with the design, we’ll begin printing, laminating, and applying these labels to your water bottles. Depending on your location, it will only take two to three weeks from the time you sign off on the label design until the promotional water bottles are delivered to your door.

To learn more about our promotional water bottles and how you can use them as trade show products, contact Piedmont Springs today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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