Custom Label Bottled Water for Businesses in Atlanta, Augusta, Charleston, Chattanooga & Beyond

Custom Label Bottled WaterUsing custom label bottled water is an effective way to reach your customers, potential clients, and others – whether you’re promoting a business, an organization, or even a special event. At Piedmont Springs, we can provide you with bottles of water complete with customized labels.

Our thorough label design process ensures that you’ll be pleased with the outcome. The steps to creating a perfect customized water label include:

  • Pricing – When you call our office, we’ll ask for basic information and quote you a price for custom labeled water bottles.
  • Art – We’ll ask you to email us the logo and the artwork you’d like on your custom water bottle label, both in a vector format.
  • Information – We also want to incorporate any contact information you’d want people to see into the design, so we’ll ask you to send that as well.
  • Design – With all of the components in hand, we’ll create a personalized water bottle label that will meet all of your criteria.
  • Delivery – After you approve the label design, we’ll have your water bottles to you in about two to three weeks.

Not only do we go above and beyond to offer you an outstanding design, but we professionally print and laminate the labels to ensure that they won’t disintegrate when exposed to water or fade over time. Our bottles are also made to be durable, with thicker and heavier plastic than many other water bottles. Whether you choose 8-ounce, 12-ounce, 16.9-ounce, or 20-ounce bottles, you can rest assured that your promotional water bottles will last longer than other, weaker bottles with subpar labels.

To find out more about Piedmont Springs and our custom label bottled water, contact us today. Our team of professionals proudly serves businesses in Memphis, Miami, Savannah, Charlotte and throughout the United States.

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